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UR001491 - Manuscript

*This collection is housed at the Walter P. Reuther Library of Labor and Urban Affairs. The Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit (Federation) is an umbrella organization for 19 Jewish social service agencies in the Detroit Metropolitan area which serves to promote philanthropy and volunteerism in the Detroit Jewish community. The records of the Federation document the activities of the organization, its history, and the activities of its member organizations and organizations with which it has affiliated, including the Council of Jewish Welfare Federations, United Jewish Appeal and United Community Services. Included in the collection are the personal papers of several individuals

Image of 2012.04 - Manuscript

2012.04 - Manuscript

The collection is arranged in three series: Series I: Personal and Philanthropic (Boxes 1-2); Series II: Photographs (Boxes 3-4); and Series III: Oversized (Boxes 5-8). Series I: Personal and Philanthropic deals mainly with Zuckerman's work for different organizations. It also includes his work for Israel, including correspondence and materials relating to Israeli statesmen and politicians, such as Simcha Dinitz, Golda Meir, Shimon Peres, and Ted Kollek. Series II: Photographs contains images from many of Zuckerman's philanthropic involvements, particularly United Jewish Appeal. His relationship with many important Israeli politicians is also relayed through the images. Series III: Overs

Image of FIC.4 - Report, Annual

FIC.4 - Report, Annual

This collection consists of the annual reports of the Jewish Welfare Federation/Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit and United Jewish Charities/United Jewish Foundation. The annual reports included are from 1950-present. However, there is a copy of the first annual report of the United Jewish Charities for 1899-1900.

Image of FIC.6 - Manuscript

FIC.6 - Manuscript

This collection consists of items removed from the Federation collection for use in exhibits and publicity. After an extended period of time, the original location of most items could not be determined, so a new collection was formed.

Image of B_Allan Nachman - Print, Photographic

B_Allan Nachman - Print, Photographic

Mandell "Bill" Berman (right) congratulates Allan Nachman on receiving the William H. Boesky Memorial Award for young leadership.

Image of B_Dora Ehrlich - Photograph

B_Dora Ehrlich - Photograph

Portrait of Dora Ehrlich

Image of B_Edith Heavenrich - Photograph

B_Edith Heavenrich - Photograph

Portrait of Edith Heavenrich.

Image of B_Esther Prussian - Photograph

B_Esther Prussian - Photograph

Portrait of Esther Prussian

Image of B_Jack Robinson - Print, Photographic

B_Jack Robinson - Print, Photographic

Jack Robinson makes solicitation calls at the Jewish Welfare Federation telethon.

Image of B_Joel Tauber - Print, Photographic

B_Joel Tauber - Print, Photographic

Joel Tauber (left) president of the Jewish Welfare Federation, with Stanley Frankel at the Detroit Service Group Stag Day.

Image of B_Mandell Berman - Print, Photographic

B_Mandell Berman - Print, Photographic

Mandell "Bill" Berman attends a Jewish Welfare Federation Executive Committee meeting.

Image of B_Michael Maddin - Print, Photographic

B_Michael Maddin - Print, Photographic

Alan E. Schwartz (left) congratulates Michael Maddin on receiving the William H. Boesky Award for Outstanding Leadership.

Image of B_Norman Pappas - Print, Photographic

B_Norman Pappas - Print, Photographic

Norman Pappas speaks at a meeting.

Image of B_Robert Slatkin - Print, Photographic

B_Robert Slatkin - Print, Photographic

Robert Slatkin (left) succeeds Michael Maddin as president of the Junior Division of the Jewish Welfare Federation.

Image of HB.5.1 - Photograph

HB.5.1 - Photograph

Exterior of the Fred M. Butzel Memorial Building at 163 Madison, Detroit, Michigan. From 1950 - 1991, this was the headquarters of the Jewish Welfare Federation (now Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit). Today, the building is part of Grand Valley State University.

Image of JCC.79.4 - Photograph

JCC.79.4 - Photograph

The Junior Division of the Jewish Welfare Federation celebrates Hanukkah and the Jewish Community Center.

Image of JF.1.2 - Photograph

JF.1.2 - Photograph

Key people in the Allied Jewish Campaign. Back Row: Samuel Levine, Dr. David J. Sandweiss, Israel Himelhoch, Robert R. Marwil, Clarence H. Enggass, Norman Schwartz, Nate S. Shapero. Front Row: Gertrude Wineman, Ben B. Fenton, Sarah C. Hillel, Maurice J. Caplan, and Harry Cohen.

Image of JF.1.3 - Photograph

JF.1.3 - Photograph

Campaign event with man dressed as a king, holding a sign "'Stones' Sparklers. We sparkle with pride. Over the top quota $13,100."

Image of JF.2.1 - Photograph

JF.2.1 - Photograph

Rabbi Leon Fram stands in front of microphone.